KERRO Smart Sensor Digital Grain Moisture Meter for Corn, Wheat, Rice, Beans, AR-991

SKU: AR991

KERRO GRAIN MOISTURE METER  can quickly measure the water content of 14 varieties of grain such as wheat corn rice peanut soybean and more.




The KERRO Grain moisture meter designed with a speaker on the back of the meter, which can report the measuring reading. High precision dual rod steel probe, durable in use. The ergonomically design non-slip handle fits the palm well.

Technical Specification for KERRO GRAIN MOISTURE METER

  • Model: AR991 (KERRO Scientific)
  • Principle of Measurement: Resistance Method
  • Color: show as pictures
  • Size: 25*80*mm
  • Material: plastic/SS probe
  • Measuring range: 7.5- (rapeseed, sesame, soybean meal, cotton), 0-50
  • (soybean, peanut), -50 (barley, rice, sorghum, watermelon seed), -55
  • (paddy, wheat), .5-50 (maize, fodder)
  • Resolution: 0.1%
  • Backlight Display: yes
  • Voice-over: yes
  • Memory Function: yes.
  • Power supply: 4 x.5V AA Battery


1. Display English characters with a low-power digital LCD backlight. Low-power backlight Description: Backlight will be off when no measurement and the backlight will be on when measuring.

2. Voice-OverInstrument setting, testing, inspection, all accompanied by voice reminders. Language: English voice-over includes the following 4 modes: d1= The moisture content readings,/ d2= High moisture content /d3= Voice-over off, /d4= bip-sound.

3. Mode change: Oven control calibration method, user can adjust -3% to + 5%. Click the ” Adjust” button to adjust the loop gain value, first addition, and then subtraction. after amendment, press the ” ON/OFF” button for 2 seconds, The setting will be saved when shutting down.

4. Speed mode Alarm setting: Adjustable, factory default alarm is 10%.

5. Memory function setting: If the battery was removed, the setting content will never disappear, To save the setting content, press the ” ON/OFF” button for 2 seconds. The setting will be saved when shutting down.

6. Lower power reminder: When battery power is low, the battery symbol on the LCD display will be blank, then the user should replace the battery.

7. Measuring principle and sampling method: Resistance method and continuous sampling.

8. The upper and lower limits of moisture measurement: Insert the meter to the measurement of the meter, the meter can measure the moisture of the measured object, when the measured object was too dry below the minimum measuring range, the meter will display” LO” for no result. When the test was too wet exceeded the maximum measuring range, the meter can only display ” Limit”.

9. Single measurement: When the probe of the meter is inserted into the measured object, and the moisture content was within the measuring range, the LCD display will show the moisture reading for few seconds, and a voice-over will report the reading immediately.


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