Handheld Combo pH/EC/TDS/SALT/D.O. MXP-84051

SKU: MXP-84051

The MXP-84051 Combo water testing meter cam pH, Conductivity, TDS, Salinity or Dissolved oxygen depend on which kind of probe attach to the meter. So the MXP-84051 Multiple parameter water terters could be operated as the pH meter, Conductivity, TDS, Salinity or Dissolved oxygen meter as user needed. It has the back light function, which could help user to operate the measurement in the dark area.



  1. Large LCD to display multiple parameters in turns.
  2. PH, Conductivity or TDS or Salinity, Dissolved oxygen & Temperature (by using different probes in turns).
  3. Fast D.O. Measuring.
  4. Accurate replaceable probes with anti-collision cap.
  5. Auto ranging for conductivity measurement.
  6. Manually altitude/salinity compensation for D.O. Reading.
  7. Multiple points calibration: 3 points for pH, 1 point for D.O., 4 points for conductivity.







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