Kerro Calibration Weight Box.

The Kerro Calibratio Weight Box is using for simple accuracy testing of any size of scale, the general rule is to use a test weight similar to what you would typically weigh on that scale. You may need to combine a number of weights. Proper calibration calls for using a weight that’s close to the highest capacity of the scale.


Calibration Weight Box
When you test, or calibrate, a scale, you check its accuracy by comparing the known exact weight of an item to the weight displayed when it is placed on the scale. You can check your own scales at home too. While calibration weights serve this purpose, you can use other items of known weight. Commercial scales must undergo a regular schedule of inspection for compliance to standards for accuracy.

Preparing for Calibration
Check the user manual of your scale, as there may be a prescribed procedure for calibration. You’ll need a hard, level surface that doesn’t shake. Load the scale evenly and allow time for your weight to settle before taking a reading. With a very sensitive scale, even the room temperature or atmospheric pressure can influence the reading. Digital scales will have a calibration mode, and mechanical scales will have a thumbscrew or similar adjustment.













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