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Co2 monitor for Mushroom

Do you know Climate control is of primary importance in mushroom growing? There are several parameters that can affect and need to be kept in a very narrow range during different stages of the production process in order to guarantee the quality of the mushrooms. Let’s dig in, and gain some information on mushroom cultivation.

Mushroom cultivation – Certainly not as easy as it seems

When you go into the supermarket store and see those white or brown “button” mushrooms, you are looking at incredibly efficient food. Growing mushrooms is a unique blend of recycling, science, and efficiency. It takes a lot of knowledge in order to get a good bloom of mushrooms. Growing mushrooms is a mystery to most people. Because of how they are grown (in indoor growing houses), we don’t really see them out in fields or go pick them yourself. But this growing process is just part of what makes mushrooms one of the most sustainable foods on the planet. 

CO2 as most important parameter

One of the most important parameters, which needs strict control in mushroom or spawn production, is the CO2 concentration in the air.

Yes, CO2 analysis in mushroom farming plays a very vital role. CO2 is measured in ppm and is the major factor for obtaining good quantity, quality and size of the produced mushrooms. The values of this parameter vary for different kinds of mushrooms.

Normally, during spawn run, the level of CO2 concentration may reach very high levels – it may surpass the number of 10 000 ppm. While these CO2 values are acceptable at this phase, they must be seriously decreased during the next stages of growth.

For white mushrooms for instance, during pin heading and fruit body development, the values of the CO2 concentration may vary somewhere between 1200-1500 ppm. When the pin reaches 1 cm in height, its cap and stem must be equal in diameter. If the cap is smaller than the stem, then this is an indication that the aeration is not enough and CO2 concentration is above the norms. On the other hand, if the cap is bigger than the stem, this means that the quantity of fresh air in the room is more than the necessary volumes.

NEED of CO2 Monitoring

Now since we know CO2 monitoring is a very vital part of Mushroom cultivation. The need of a reliable CO2 Monitor arises. 

HSETIN CO2011201 CO2 Analyser

Need to monitor CO2 levels? Mushroom industry along with Indoor gardeners, hydroponic growers and indoor greenhouse growers are constantly looking for new ways to grow bigger and healthier plants. They know that monitoring carbon dioxide, humidity and temperature is critical to achieve the best results. Fortunately, it is no longer necessary to purchase three different products – our meter do it all.

HSETIN CO2 Analyser which is 3 in 1 analyzer. CO2011201 checks Carbon Dioxide concentration, temperature & humidity simultaneously along with the datalogging. This meter by HSETIN Instruments stands out to be the best and economical model in CO2, Temperature & Humidity monitoring. 

Features of CO2011201 Monitor

  • Portable device, can be used to check CO2 levels if you have more than more than 1 indoor cultivation units.
  • Large digital LCD display with backlight clearly indicates the current CO2 level, temperature & Humidity.
  • Alarm function when the CO2 set limit is over.
  • Data Logging with Time/Date Function.
  • Data retrieving with the help of softwares.



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