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Type A1 Rounded Bottom cuvette

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There are several types of cuvettes available in stock:

  1. Standard rectangular cuvettes

  2. Quartz cuvettes

  3. Fluorescence cuvettes

  4. Micro cuvettes

  5. Semi-micro cuvettes

  6. Disposable cuvettes

  7. Macro cuvettes

Every Type of Cuvette Avalible

If you are conducting spectroscopy experiments in the laboratory, cuvettes are an essential tool that you should have on hand. They allow you to hold liquid samples for analysis using a spectrophotometer or other optical measurement instruments. Whether you need to analyze the absorption or fluorescence of a sample, cuvettes provide a reliable and accurate way to obtain the data you need. So, don’t hesitate to add cuvettes to your lab equipment today and take your research to the next level!