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KODYEE CF-818 is a professional FDA & CE approved Infrared Thermometer with very high precision. Being a contactless thermometer it has embarked its presence due to high quality and affordable prices. With multiple advanced features and two-year replacement warranty, it is a must-have for various kinds of personal or professional use!




  • Multiple functions: Not only can measure body temperature but also can measure the temperature of the surface, room, bath water, food, baby milk, etc. with clock function.
  • Sensor: KODYEE CF-818 is equipped with Euclid Taiwan sensor, which is known for its quality and precision.
  • Noncontact: Safe and clean, 5 cm measuring distance.
  • Three color backlight (color alarm): When the body temperature is normal, the backlight is Green, Yellow backlight for slight. Fast and accurate: 0.5 seconds measuring time and the accuracy is ±0.2°C(0.4°F).
  • Unit Mode: °C and °F be changeable and selectable.




Product Details:

  • This device is used to measure the body temperature by passively sensing infrared heat radiation collected from the human body’s forehead
  • Round body comfortable grip
  • Measurement accuracy certified by authoritative agencies: YT-1 has passed thousands of repeated tests, clinical test and lab test, and meets the national measuring instrument CPA certification
  • Vibration test humanized prompt
  • Dual probe measurement is more accurate: The temperature probe uses the Taiwan Amphenol thermopile sensor to collect hundreds of data per second. The distance measuring probe uses real-time distance sensor to easily gasp the temperature measurement distance and prevent misoperation
  • Art-like high value: High-definition backlit display, the measurement results are clear at a glance, the temperature is higher than 37.6 Deg C, the screen backlight turns orange, and the machine beeps.


  • Human Body Temperature (Adults & Babies), Object temperature like milk, food, surface etc, Widely used as personal care device with healthy perceptions of non-contact at homes, offices, factories etc.


  • Temperature is 35.6 ℃ < T < 37.2℃.
    The backlight is bright green.
  • When 37.3 ℃ < T < 38.0 ℃.
    The backlight is bright yellow.
  • When 38.0℃<T<42.9℃.
    The red backlight will be on.
  • When T < 34.1 ℃.
  • Bright red backlight for 3S, display “Lo”.
  • When T > 42.9 ℃.
  • Bright red backlight for 3S, display “Hi”.




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