KERRO UV Germicidal 38W Portable Disinfection Lamp


KERRO UV Germicidal 38W Portable Disinfection Lamp, ozone has sterilization and disinfection, in addition to formaldehyde to odor and other functions, and ozone is a gas, can fill the entire room, without the influence of obstacles, to achieve no dead angle disinfection.



KERRO UVC lamps – uv light disinfection 38W with 360° ozone sterilization. Also called a germicidal lamp, whose effects are undeniable. The lamp also includes a remote control and is convenient for internal use in the disinfection of areas from viruses, bacteria etc. Nowadays we are faced with various bacterial and viral threats in the air against which it is good to protect ourselves and ensure air purity in areas where we spend our daily work or leisure. With a UVC disinfectant lamp with ozone, this is really possible. The germicidal lamp contains a tube made of a quartz glass tube with membrane technology and a durable aluminum alloy bulb cover – ozone disinfection. Germicidal lamps + UVC lights – best uv light sanitizer for effective ozone disinfection and room sterilization with ultraviolet sunuv (bulbs, tubes, led) in stock for sale online – you can buy at good price.

The UVC lamp provides 360° sterilization with open heat diffusion for maximum coverage and disinfection of indoor areas against bacteria. It is commonly used in healthcare as a UV lamp for disinfection of operating rooms or surgeries. In households, germicidal lamps are better known as the sun biolamp. At present, is suitable to use the lamp for protection against viruses and bacteria especially during influenza seasons (Corona – covid 19 etc.)

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