HSETIN HT-611 Alcohol Meter

This alcohol tester is designed for accurately measuring the body alcohol content. It is easy to use, it measures the alcohol content just by blowing to the instrument. Compact design and portable size, convenient to carry. This instrument is used to measure the alcohol content exhaled by the human body. The device can accurately measure the alcohol content in the body without blowing Prevent bacteria from entering the mouth. This instrument is exquisitely designed, compact in shape, easy to carry band. With over-standard alarm function, there are two alarm point options.


Features of Alcohol Meter: 

  • The breath alcohol tester can be for accurate detection of alcohol in the breath.
  • Advanced nm semiconductor alcohol sensor
  • Quick response
  • Direct testing process LCD indication
  • Audio and visible warning beyond preset limit.
  • Battery saving design, low voltage indication instrument is used for accurate detection of alcohol in the breathe.





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