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0.5mm, 2 Windows, LAQ-1-0.5 Short Path Length Cuvette

Absorption Cuvette

Circular Dichroism Disc Mount

Colorimeter Cell

Cuvette mount for Micro Fluorescence Cuvette with PTFE Cover (Lightpath: 3mm) and Micro Fluorescence Cuvette with PTFE Stopper (Lightpath: 3mm)

Cuvettes & Cells

Cylindrical Cell

Cylindrical Cell with quartz-to-pyrex graded seal tube (Lightpaths: 1-100mm)

Demountable U-Shaped Circular Dichroism Cuvette (Lightpaths: 0.05-2mm)

Electrophoresis Flow Through Cell (Lightpath: 2mm)

Flow Through Cell with Side Tubes (Lightpaths: 0.05-10mm)

Fluorometer Cell