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Blazed Diffraction Grating, 1200LPI (30*30mm)

Calibration Filter

Cuvette mount for Micro Fluorescence Cuvette with PTFE Cover (Lightpath 5mm)

Cuvette Mounts (For lightpaths below 5mm)

Cuvette spacer (For lightpaths of 1mm, 2mm and 5mm)

FTIR cylindrical & universal cuvette holder

FTIR rectangular cuvette holder

IR Windows for FTIR Spectroscopy and Other Application Areas

LARK LCSA-4 Series: Cuvette Adapter Mounts (For Lightpaths Below 5mm)

LARK LCSA-8 Series: Cuvette Adapter Mounts (For Lightpaths 10-50mm)

Sodium Chloride Circular Demountable Cell NaCl Windows, 25x4mm

Spectronic round Cuvette holder Adapter