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The huge volume stream cuvette FLOWCELL is pertinent for the powerful picture investigation with QICPIC of suspensions with coarse particles from 10 µm to more than 10,000 µm. The molecule size for delicate scatter materials stretches out up to 16,000 µm. Stream widths of 10 mm and 20 mm empower an example throughput of in excess of 10 l/min and 20 l/min, separately, to accomplish agent molecule numbers.

FLOWCELL is an entirely adaptable open-circle cell for estimating of coarse particles in fluids like pulps in juice or polymers, for example particle exchangers. It very well may be additionally utilized for particles responding delicately to pressing factor or shear pressure in emulsions just as agglomeration cycles or polymerisation.

It includes an essential unit mounted in the estimating zone of QICPIC with a hose association down to a channel. A vertical hearty treated steel cuvette, which base association can be physically driven into the O-ring seal of the essential unit. This associates the cuvette to the lower hose. The cuvette is fixed in its situation by a turning cuvette holder. The vertical situation of the cuvette can be actually adjusted to the enlightening bar. The top hose is associated by means of a screw connector and hence can be just delivered. The cuvette holder is furnished with two dark metal chambers on both side for laser wellbeing.

In a normal application the example is taken care of to the cuvette from a holder situated over the FLOWCELL. The example is driven by gravity passing the cuvette into the channel or a second compartment under the table. No force supply or control of the gadget are required. The FLOWCELL can be utilized for all individuals from the QICPIC family in mix with the estimating ranges M8 or M9.


FLOWCELL is accessible with two compatible stream cuvettes with 10 mm or 20 mm hole widths.

The standard gasket material is silicone. Different materials are accessible on demand.Post na

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