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If you are looking for the best cuvettes & cells in India, so this article is for you. MxRady exclusively markets & stocks LARK high-quality Cuvettes at a very reasonable price.

Cuvettes are used to hold the sample of spectroscopic and fluorescence measurement. These are made up of quartz glass, optical glass, plastic glass, IR Quartz & other material.

Some standard Type of the cuvettes & cells

  1. Spectrophotometer cuvettes
  2. Fluorometer cuvettes
  3. Colorimeter cuvettes
  4. Polarimeter cuvettes
  5. Visual tintometer cuvettes
  6. Flow-through cuvettes
  7. Biochemistry analysers cuvettes
  8. Other Laser specific cuvettes

Spectrophotometer cuvettes and cells:

These cuvettes are used for the testing that is conducted in the UV-visible wavelength. Open Top Lid Micro/Macro Spectrophotometer Cuvettes and Cells. The most cuvettes are used is 10mm path length. We are providing the 0.2 and 100mm also. all of the standard cuvettes size thickness 1.25mm.

These are the size of the fundamental cuvettes which is easily fit to all spectrophotometer. You will easily get every type of cuvettes & cells in India from MxRady.

Micro & Macro cuvettes: these are cuvettes refer to the internal volume which can hold the sample. These cells width the 10mm and these lengths are equal to the path (0.2/0.5/1/2/5/10/20/30/40/50100mm) and a height of 45 mm.  

These are cuvettes come with a Teflon lid and there are two polished windows available for spectroscopic and absorption measurements. The other sides are frosted to help eliminate stray light.

Open top, with non-sealing PTFE lid and Silicone lid available on request for 10mm cells only, providing a liquid-tight seal Two polished windows. Walls polished internally, fine ground externally. Designed for all standard cuvette cell holders you can easily get these are cuvettes & cells in India at MxRady.

How to handle cuvettes & cells?

  • You must handle the cuvettes carefully and take care of the breakage.
  • You should avoid the cuvettes from the hard surface
  • While filling the cuvettes from the cuvettes so as, avoid the spillage of the solution on the outer side of cuvettes.
  • When you are inserting the cuvettes for testing so, avoid excessive force.


How to clean the quartz cuvettes?

You can use the acid wash (2M HCl or 2M HNO3) and after that use rinsing with milli-q water. The Solvents are good for final washing, but they should be very pure. After that washing away the acid, use glass distilled acetone, and air dry in a dust-free place.

How do you clean plastic cuvettes?

You should use pure water with acetone, ethanol the clean the plastic cuvettes & cells. After that blow dry with clean, dry, and compressed air and nitrogen.


If you are looking for the best cuvettes & cells in India, you can trust the quality & price at MxRady. We have a profound experience in the industry of more than 40 Years. Today we are known for our quality standards & price competitiveness in the scientific market.If you have any requirements regarding any cuvettes or cells so, please feel free to contact us.

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