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Hollow Cathode Lamps are an ideal source of spectral lines that are used for testing in laboratories. Hollow Cathode Lamps working totally depends on the hollow cathode effect. The hollow Cathode Effect was first observed in 1916 by Friedrich Paschen, a German physicist, known for his work on electrical discharges. Basically, Hollow Cathode Effect is electrical conduction at a lower voltage. Apart from this, Hollow Cathode Effect gets used in neon signages as well.

Common Hollow Cathode Lamp Setup

An HCL is framed as a Glass Tube that contains an anode, a cathode, and inactive gas. At the point when Voltage gets gone through the anode, the latent gas gets ionized. Because of the making of plasma from the latent gas, faltering of iotas from the cathode happens as inactive gas particles get besieged on the cathode.

The invigorated molecules of the idle gas and cathode are utilized for identification and to quantify the range while testing.

Hollow cathode lamps produced by LARK are designed and manufactured to achieve all of the following fundamental requirements for a spectral line source

  • Intense emission of resonance (ground state derived) lines.
  • Narrow line width, for maximum sensitivity and linearity.
  • Minimal spectral interference from continuum emission, present in the cathode.
  • Rapid warm up to produce stable long term light emission.
  • Noise free operation. + Long running life and a 5 year shelf life.
  • Cathode materials and geometry achieve a combination of spectral purity and a suitable sputtering rate.

(A high sputtering rate will give high intensity at the expense of lamp life, sensitivity, and linearity).

LARK has a wide selection of non-coded hollow cathode lamps as direct replacements for AAS instruments. Available in the two standard sizes: 2.0” diameter for direct replacement in PerkinElmer® instruments and 1.5” diameter for Varian®, Buck®, Shimadzu®, and other OEMs.

From where to buy the LARK Hollow Cathode lamps?

Mxrady is the authorized stockiest for LARK HCL in INDIA & Asia Pacific. All LHA (Regular) & LHB (New Series) lamps are available at the ready stock.

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